White Bar Anthias (Pseudanthias leucozonus) from Sea Dwelling Creatures

White Bar Anthias (Pseudanthias leucozonus)

White Bar Anthias (Pseudanthias leucozonus)

It would appear that the rare White Bar Anthias (Pseudanthias leucozonus) is becoming more available to the aquarium industry, though it’s still quite the pricey fish. Recently, Reef Builders got a hold of a video of this gorgeous fish that was imported by Greenwhich Aquaria. Shortly after that, Sea Dwelling Creatures released a photo of the White Bar Anthias in one of their daily newlsetters/livestock updates. Apparently the retail on these fish is over $400 per, which isn’t totally surprising considering even the most common of anthias hit $5o in some places. Not much is currently known about this species, other than where they come from (Japanese waters) and that they are quite rare. I’ll try to pump SDC for more information on these gorgeous fish. Until then, enjoy the Shark Week currently dominating the Discovery Channel.


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