White Cap Goby Caught on Video


Earlier, we introduced the very rare and pricey White Cap Goby (Lotilia graciliosa). Completely enamored by this fish, I set off to find out more about it. Details are fairly hard to come by, but I did find a treasure trove of videos…three to be exact. All of the videos show this gorgeous goby hanging out near a burrow, accompanied by a pistol shrimp. One video even shows the shrimp hanging out with, what appears to be, a cleaner shrimp. It certainly isn’t a pistol shrimp, as it has long skinny pincers at the end of long arms (in relation to its body size). The transparent shrimp doesn’t seem to mind the burrow very well, further leading me to think it is a cleaner shrimp of some sort.

I will try to gather up a few good videos of the White Cap Goby and show them off here. But until then, enjoy the beautiful fish above.


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