ATI PowerCone Caught on Video


After quite a bit of anticipation, at least on our end, ATI has finally released a video of the intriguing new ATI PowerCone. This new protein skimmer takes a strikingly different approach to both the impeller design and the air intake. The traditional needlewheel impeller is replaced with a grid-like structure, which increases surface area and improves the pump’s ability to whip up a frothy mix of air and water. The air intake/venturi adapter differs from traditional adapters in that it takes in air from the center of the hole instead of the outside. This design allows for an air to water ratio of 1.5:1. The Sicce pump used by the PowerCone will draw in 2700 l/h of air , while only using 35watts of energy.

In total, three models will be released. These will include the 160, 200 (shown in the video above), and 250. These new protein skimmers haven’t quite gotten into the United States, at least not to the end user, but they will be very shortly.


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