Deltec TC4580 Unveiled at MACNA

Deltec TC4580 Protein Skimmer at MACNA 2010

Deltec TC4580 Protein Skimmer at MACNA 2010

Though we aren’t at MACNA this year, we are working very hard to bring you the updates. The next MACNA update on the chopping block is the new Deltec TC4580 protein skimmer from D-D The Aquarium Solution. This new beast is capable of handling tanks that range in size from 10000-12000 liters, or about 2600-3150 US gallons. The skimmer will use four of the new low energy Deltec pumps, delivering about 6400 lph air while only consuming 43 watts of energy per pump. The total energy used is approximately 172 watts, which is minuscule when talking about the total amount of energy required to run a 3000 gallon aquarium.

Stay tuned for MACNA updates. We have a few people roaming the halls of the conference feeding us really good information as we dig around the net for updates of our own. We normally limit our posts to the daytime hours, but given the magnitude of this event and the sheer volume of aquarium equipment updates, we’ll be posting into the wee hours of the night. Bye bye sleep, hello sever aquarium addiction!


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