Hurricanes and Oil Rig Explosions


The last few days have been a very busy for news anchors and meteorologists. Another explosion has occurred on a Gulf of Mexico residing oil platform and the southeastern portion of the US is bracing for a hurricane. On top of all that, there’s another tropical depression just east of the Caribbean that might just find its way into the gulf eventually

Early yesterday morning, a Mariner Energy oil rig exploded. Initial reports indicated that the explosion caused the release of a mile long oil slick into gulf waters. The energy company denies any oil leaked out, and the Coast Guard (who initially reported the oil slick) retracted their original statement. Thankfully nobody was injured in the oil rig explosion, but it’s just another disaster for an already troubled and fragile body of water. There’s not a whole lot of news being released about this explosion, but we’ll keep everyone up to date.

As for the hurricane and potential hurricane, North Carolina is bracing for impact and the Gulf Coast states are eying a tropical depression that is headed their way. Hurricane Earl, currently a Category 2 storm, is creeping toward the Carolina coasts. And though it’s probably too late for most of the coastal residents of these states to prepare for the looming hurricane, it serves as a reminder for others to Be Prepared!


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