Introducing a Couple of New Sponsors


I just wanted to take this time to thank the AquaNerd Blog’s two newest sponsors, Aquarium Specialty and The Blue Glow Aquaculture. The Blue Glow generously donated a full set of their Infinity series of acrylic frag racks, which we have already reviewed and love. The attention to detail, along with the frag rack’s versatility will surely make it a great tool for any hobbyist aquaculturing setup.

The Blue Glow

Aquarium Specialty Logo

Aquarium Specialty, one of the most recognizable aquarium equipment dealers on the web, is also sending us a little something for review, which won’t be unveiled until later. They offer products from just about every major manufacturer and are the sole distributors of several different lines of aquarium products. I have personally done quite a bit of business with Aquarium Specialty over the past few years, and their service is top notch.


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