Tip of the Day – 9/10/2010


Today’s tip isn’t much of an aquarium tip, but something for us to all think about. People attack our hobby every day. They take a true event or set of circumstances and twist it to fit their agenda. We must be very careful in how we approach the aquarium hobby and be responsible in our actions. Situations like the one brewing over Hawaiian fish collecting or the lionfish explosion in the Caribbean give people real ammunition. People become upset and get their local, state, or federal governments inolved, which can be very detrimental to our hobby. Just be sure whatever you do in your passions, to keep the results of your actions in mind.


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  • Don't want to give

    After seeing all of those tangs spread out on the concrete and hearing about the hell these little creatures go through to make it to our LFS, part of me thinks that we do need more regulation… Heck step into your local Pet*o to see their SWF selection and you just want to pour vodka in their system to put the poor guys out of their misery. It makes me appreciate the stores that hold themselves to high standards

    • yeah, that picture was disturbing. it really casts a dark shadow over our hobby, which can be hard to shake sometimes. the only way to make our opinions count is to use our wallets. only give your business to responsible companies.