Tip of the Day – 9/29/2010


It has been noted by many reef keepers that periodically injecting a ton of bubbles into your aquarium can improve the health of various coral species, including corals like Gorgonians. These hobbyists would find that shortly after injecting these bubbles, soft corals and sea fans would immediately open up. They would notice this occurrence even if the corals had been previously closed for several days prior to the bubble injecting. The bubbles could be doing a few things, such as increasing dissolved oxygen, increasing the water’s ORP (oxidation-reduction potential) or raising the aquarium’s pH by blowing off excess CO2.

To achieve these bubbly conditions, simply take an air pump, put it on a timer, and place the output near the intake of your return pump or a powerhead. This will fill your tank with bubbles for a brief time, but they should also quickly go away.


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