Tip of the Day – 9/8/2010


Hang-on-back (HOB) overflow boxes can easily become clogged by algae and fail, causing your tank to overflow. Since the tubing on these overflow boxes is clear, algae can actually grow inside them. If your aquarium is equipped with these types of overflows, you can do a few things to prevent their clogging. For starters, regular maintenance will do wonders. You could also use black tubing or put some form of a cover over the box to block out the light. Some overflow boxes utilize lifter pumps to help keep the siphon going.


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  • mark j

    great tip!! this is one of my greatest fears since my tank is not a Reef ready tank and had to get an overflow box. I have an eshopps with the clear tubing and it does get covered with algae. One day my water level was getting a little higher than normal and was wondering if something got stuck in my drain hose or got kined somewhere. It was the siphon tube, it had so much algae it wasnt draining as much water as my return pump was putting back into the tank. Thank god nothing serious happened. Brandon besides regular maintenance which is always the best thing to do. Is their a device i can buy similar to how ATOs have a double float switch to shut off so it doesnt overflow the sump but one that i could hang near the top of my tank so that if it reads that the water is too high it will shut off my return pump?