ZEOstart3 and Bio-Mate Added to ZEOvit Lineup

Korallen Zucht ZEOstart3

Korallen Zucht ZEOstart3

ZEOvit is a great dosing system for anyone who wants to reduce their nitrate and phosphate levels to super low levels, and Korallen-Zucht is adding two more additives to their lineup. Bio-Mate and ZEOstart3 have just found their way onto the KZ website, and both will function as part of the the “Basic 4”, which is a starter kit for ZEO users. The Bio-Mate is a new product, while ZEOstart3 is an direct replacement for the ZEOstart2.

ZEOvit Bio-Mate

ZEOvit Bio-Mate

Continue reading below for descriptions of each product.


The new Bio-Mate additive aids in mulm, or fish waste, reduction and also cleans substrate and live rock. This reduction also helps reduce phosphates in the aquarium.

From KZ:

Diligent assistant for tanks with mulm

  • Cleaning substrate and rock
  • Reduction of mulm deposits
  • Reduction of phosphates

Dosage: 2 x per week 1 drop /25 gallons

Price starting at: 13,50 € (around $18 US)*


The new ZEOstart3, much like it’s predecessor ZEOstart2, promotes the reproduction of nitrifying bacteria, thus reducing nitrates and phosphates and speeding up a new aquarium’s cycling time. It also allows your protein skimmer to produce a more concentrated, or darker, skimmate. Unlike it’s predecessor though, ZEOstart3 is more effective at reducing the cycling time of new aquariums, which is now two weeks instead of three as seen with ZEOstart2.

Be careful when dosing this product though. If done incorrectly, it can harm whatever livestock is already in the aquarium.

ZEOstart 3 was developed for reefers who want optimum water parameters in a biological way. It promotes the reproduction of all nitrifying bacteria in the aquarium and is therefore very effective in reducing phosphate and nitrate, nitrite and several inhibitors. The skimmer removes up to 100 % more concentrated adsorbent. Bacteria dependent slime algae dissappears rapidly and a biological balance is re-established.

To start a new tank it shortens the inital phase enormously to about only 14 days.

This product is not only for the initial phase, it should be dosed every day in all tanks. It enhances the metallic colors on Acropora, Montipora, Poccilopora and Stylophora. Soft corals grow faster and open the polyps wider.

Dose directly into the water. Swich off the skimmer briefly if possible. Do not increase dosage of 2 ml per 250 gallons/1000 L daily – please note that it is highly concentrated. Overdosing is dangerous for all fish!

Price starting at: 32,90 € *


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