ATB Elegance 200 Pro Protein Skimmer


ATB Elegance 200 Pro Protein Skimmer

ATB is adding yet another conical protein skimmer to their lineup with the release of the ATB Elegance 200 Pro. This skimmer will stand 21.6″ tall, with a tiny footprint of only 11″x9″. This minuscule footprint is achievable because ATB has moved the Airstar Pro pump into the body of the skimmer. The pump draws in approximately 1800 lph of air, pushes 2200 lph of water, and only uses 37 watts. Other features of the ATB Elegance 200 Pro include a float switch built into the lid, a double bubble diffusing plate, and the ability to run the skimmer externally (adapters included).

The price for this model will be about $860, which is a very attractive price point considering the skimmer is from ATB (which means great quality), will probably be able to handle aquariums north of 300-gallons, and is loaded with several features.


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