House of Fins SPLASH Event with Pictures


Liopropoma africanum Basslet

House of Fins, a Connecticut-based aquarium store that specializes in rare fish and high end aquarium installations, held their 53rd anniversary and SPLASH event earlier this month. The event featured several guest speakers, including Bob Fenner, Jake Adams, Scott W. Michael, and a few others. While we weren’t able to attend first hand, Jessy Timko (of Creative Soup) has generously allowed to share some of her images, which feature many very rare fish such as the wrought iron butterfly (Chaetodon daedalma), neon hogfish (Bodianus sanguineu), Armitaga angelfish (supposed hybrid angel), and finally the ├╝ber expensive Liopropoma africanum basslet.

See below for several more pictures of the event.

House of Fins 53rd Splash Event
Conspic Angel (Chaetodontoplus conspicillatus)
Bandit Angelfish (Holacanthus arcuatus)
Solar Wrasse Pair
Neon Hogfish (Bodianus sanguineu)
House of Fins Display Aquarium
Juvenile Wrought Iron Butterfly (Chaetodon daedalma)


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