JBJ USA Trinity T5HO Fixture


JBJ Trinity T5HO Light Fixture

Wrapping up with the new products from JBJ USA, the last product we’d like to introduce is the Trinity T5HO light fixtures. These light setups will come in the typical sizes: 24″, 36″, and 48″. Each size will feature four T5HO bulbs and 4 blue LED’s to mimic moonlight over your aquarium at night. The fixtures also come with the bulbs, which are a combination of two 10K (white) bulbs, one 460nm (blue) bulb, and one 452nm (blue-purple) bulb. Additionally, each fixture, regardless of size, will also come with two cooling fans. These fans are supposedly located on one side of the fixture. Other notable features on these light setups include splash guards to protect the bulbs from saltwater, anti-tip flip top mounting legs (see pictures below for an explanation), dual switches and three individual power cords, and finally, a 2-year warranty. The warranty will only cover the fixtures and not the bulbs.

These light fixtures will be available late November or early December 2010. There’s no information on pricing at this point, but it will be revealed soon enough.


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