New PM SR40 Media Reactor


Precision Marine SR40 Media Reactor

Precision Marine seems to be on a roll as of late, teasing the aquarium world with several new products. Their latest release is the PM SR40 media reactor. This new bottom-up flow reactor will be made of 1/2″ thick cast acrylic and has two 5/8″ barbed fittings. The lid has the typical “key holes” with thumb screws securing it in place allowing for easy removal, cleaning, and media replacement. The reactor also has an arm to help secure it to the side of your sump, though it could also just sit in your aquarium’s stand if you didn’t want to hang it. With the foam inserts and the right amount of flow, you could easily run just about any media in this reactor, including bio pellets, carbon, or phosphate removing media. There’s currently no information about pricing or availability, though we’ll certainly be digging for it.


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