Pictures of the Precision Marine Mach 2 in Action


Precision Marine Mach 2 Collection Cup

Last week we introduced the new Mach 1 and Mach 2 protein skimmers from Precision Marine. Well PM has released a handful of pictures showing the Mach 2 in action, and the skimmate being produced by this skimmer looks very nasty. Of course, this could be influenced by a lot of different things, but given PM’s reputation, along with the consistency of the bubbles in the body and the thick head of foam, we’re sure this skimmer is a performer.

Continue reading below for more pictures of the Mach 2 in action and something peculiar we found with the lid on the collection cup.

Precision Marine Mach 2 Collection Cup

One thing that struck me as a bit odd is the complete lack of holes in the lid sitting atop the collection cup. Precision Marine has sealed the cup, complete with O-ring, forcing any accumulating air pressure and skimmate down the drain built into the collection cup. Most skimmers, even those fitted with drains, have holes in the lid of the collection cup to allow air out. A buildup of air pressure in the collection cup could hamper a protein skimmer’s performance, but given the fact there’s a drain, the air could escape that way. If the drain line becomes clogged or the waste collector becomes full, the skimmer’s production could fall off, which might actually beĀ  a good thing as it would prevent the collection cup from overflowing and making a huge mess.


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