Precision Marine Single Drain Overflow Box


Precision Marine Hang on Back Overflow

Precision Marine, the manufacturer of many different acrylic-based aquarium products, is adding to their lineup with the new Single Drain Overflow. This new Weir-inspired overflow box is sleek, featuring only black acrylic which should also inhibit algae growth. The overflow box has a  thumb screw located near the bottom that will allow the box to sit level on the aquarium. This will help optimize water flow and help secure the overflow box to the back of the tank. Inside the box, PM has ditched the typical foam and have instead used a mesh strainer. Their reasons being that the foam typically collapses on itself, restricting flow in the process.

There’s no word yet on pricing or availability, and we assume larger dual drain models will surface in the not too distant future. Until those details surface, enjoy the pictures of the new PM HOB overflow box below.


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