Update on the AquaNerd Frag Tank


Green Eye and Rim Purple Chalice

We’ve been running the frag tank for a couple of months now and things are going great. There are a few corals in the setup, all of which are doing very well to this point. All of the corals are small frags, but there has been some noticeable growth. I already had to frag one of the chalice corals, since it was part of it was being overgrown by another. I’ve also noticed that it’s been a little difficult to keep alkalinity up, despite doing regular water changes and dosing. I don’t have enough corals to justify setting up a calcium reactor, but at some point one will be added. I’m also contemplating making an order for corals, and a local frag swap is about 2 weeks away. I anticipate filling the tank up with corals very quickly over the next few weeks, and I’ll be sure to document the progress as the tank matures. Until then, enjoy the few slightly crummy pictures attached below.


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