ATI PowerCone and Parts Get Priced, Available to Pre-order


ATI PowerCone 250

The ATI PowerCones are finally listed to pre-order! Additionally, the skimmer pump, unique gridwheel impeller, and interesting air intake are all going to be available to purchase separately. There’s no word yet on when the skimmers will start shipping, but tons of other details are available. The PowerCone 250 will retail for $530, which is a breath of fresh air considering all of the new technology going into these skimmers. The PowerCone 200 will run around $450 and the 160 right at $400.

ATI PowerCone Grid Impeller

As for the accessories, the gridwheel pumps can be purchased separately for $160 and the gridwheel impeller will run approximately $40. I certainly expect to see a bunch of these pumps, or at the very least their impellers, being used in multiple other applications. The new air intake, which will probably not see as much action on other skimmers as the impellers, will be under $20. And though the footprint for the PowerCone 160 and 200 haven’t been released quite yet, the PowerCone will take up 10″x18.1″ area, meaning a pretty wide sump will be required.


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