New Reef Octopus Extreme XS Protein Skimmers


Reef Octopus Extreme XS Protein Skimmer
There’s a newly redesigned Reef Octopus Extreme protein skimmer soon to be available to aquarists. The Extreme XS will be an in-sump skimmer, measuring 15″x9″x23″ and rated up to 200-gallons. The water pump used is a Sicce PSK-1000 with a “star wheel” impeller that draws 32scfh of air, while only using 30watts. A gate valve is also used on the output of the Extreme XS, allowing for easy adjustment of the water level in the skimmer.

Reef Octopus Extreme XS Protein Skimmer Impeller
There is currently no pricing information readily available, but given the Extreme XS skimmer’s similarity to the Reef Octopus Extreme 8 inch skimmer, I assume the price will be somewhere slightly north of $300. I will also assume that larger models will eventually find their way onto the market, replacing the current lineup of Reef Octopus Extreme protein skimmers.


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