Precision Marine Mach 2 Seen on Video


Precision Marine has been on a tear lately, revamping their entire product lineup with everything from media reactors to more protein skimmers. Their newest addition, the Reeflo Dart-powered Mach 1 & 2 protein skimmers, have been extremely popular in recent conversation, and for good reason. These beefy skimmers are well made by a company right here in the US, better yet in my own backyard (Texas). The Mach series protein skimmers feature high quality construction with a functional and well thought out design. And finally, we get to see one in action in the video above. Unfortunately, the video quality isn’t the greatest and the first few seconds are scrambled. But at least you get the idea of how this device performs.

There’s no word yet on the skimmers’ pricing, availability, or tank ratings. However, we’re assuming that the Mach 1 will be focused on aquariums 200-400 gallons, with the Mach 2 rated for aquariums larger than 500-gallons. We’ll try to fill in the gaps in the information related to these PM protein skimmers, but until then, enjoy the video above.


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