Super Reef Octopus Automatic Skimmer Neck Cleaner


Octopus Automatic Skimmer Neck Cleaner

Octopus is releasing a new protein skimmer automatic neck cleaner that will be available for Super Reef Octopus protein skimmers. Not officially available until December 2010, this cleaner will feature a dual-blade cleaner that rotates within the neck of the skimmer. The neck cleaner also features a high tourque and low RPM motor, wiper mounts, and mounting clips to keep it attached to your skimmer. To operate the neck cleaner, simply plug it into to a timer and set it to turn on a few times per day. Pricing is still a mystery at this point, as are the models and skimmers they will handle. However, we expect these to be made to fit every Super Reef Octopus model.

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Octopus motorized (ANC) Automated Neck Cleaner helps keeps your octopus protein skimmer running at peak performance by periodically wiping the inside of the neck where all the bio-organics usually would accumulate. This great skimmer accessory not only keeps you skimmer running at peak efficiency but save the timely chore of keeping your skimmers neck clean. As you know, build up in the neck causes foam to stick to the sides and restricting the collection of skimmate within the skimmers cup.

Keeping the neck wall clean results in consistent skimmer performance and little to no down time. This device uses twin squeegees to automatically remove the buildup from a skimmer neck. The SRO (ANC) consists of a high torque low RPM motor, wiper mount, lid with mounting clamps and the squeegees.

To operate this easy to you device, you simply plug the unit into a timer (not included) or aquarium controller and set it to run for a few minutes 4 to 6 times per day. By running it this way you will never experience crud build up along the walls of you skimmers neck. This will eliminate the daily chore of cleaning for two or more weeks while maintaining the level of skimmate production that you would normally get with only a freshly-washed collection cup.

Available December 2010


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