Vertex Illumina 260 Release Information


Vertex Illumina 260

Vertex Aquaristik is releasing a big brother to their Illumina 200, the Illumina 260. There isn’t much information available on this new Illumina 260, but it is confirmed that the light will feature Cree LEDs and is 30% brighter than the older 200 model. If the 260 shares any similarities with the 2oo, it will probably also feature an on-board controller which will allow hobbyists to create many different dawn to dusk effects and even weather simulations. Additionally, the Illumina 260 will most likely come in a wide variety of sizes from 1′ to 6′. There is currently no official price or power consumption information on these models, as Vertex only announced the light a week ago, but as information comes to light, we’ll be sure to update.


About Author

  • Christophe

    I got the Illumina 1200-260 Vertex. (Cree version)
    Well, It's just SO GREAT !!!!
    Bright and customized light. No regret, I use to run 2 X HQI 250W + 4 T5 .
    Now I have pretty the same bright light with NO HEAT. Just wonderful. I'm running the Illumina only at 85-90% for now, very nice features with sunset sunrise, power control, ilimitided color combinations, moonlight and cycles (software a little bit tricky but you'll eventually learn). SPS and LPS do really good and grow. Clams thrive well….
    Only Happiness, ( except the price!!!!!)

    Hope that helps.

    /Christophe, Southern France.