Caring for Your Bluespot Jawfish Video


Here is a video submitted by one of our readers, Laurie York. The video captures the typical reaction that most people have when they first encounter the bluespot jawfish. This reaction, of course, is one of pure amazement since these fish are just so colorful and entertaining to watch. The bluespot jawfish is an incredibly shy fish, as Laurie points out. They are very quick to dart back into their caves when other fish come around, especially larger ones. However, when conspecifics are around, the bluespot jawfish, as well as other jawfish, tend to become highly aggressive toward each other.

Because these jawfish come from the cool waters off the coast of Baja California, they do much better in aquariums that also have cooler temperatures. Laurie is able to achieve somewhat cooler water temperatures by using LED lights. They consume much less energy and put out far less heat than other sources of aquarium lighting. Additionally, the bluespot jawfish require regular feeding and special attention at feeding time. Because they are more shy than other fish and reside in the sandbed of the aquarium, they may not get all the food they need if you don’t make the extra effort to feed them. Laurie shares her feeding techniques, and even what she soaks the food in prior to feeding. These soaks include garlic, which is long believed to boost the immune systems of saltwater aquarium fish.

The video is certainly entertaining and educational, so I do suggest taking the time to watch it, especially if you plan on housing a jawfish. A big thanks goes out to Laurie for sharing this video and the information she has gained from caring for this interesting jawfish.


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