Coralife Gets Completely New Website


Coralife's New Website
Even though the Coralife product line hasn’t changed too much over the years, their website has recently gotten a complete overhaul. In fact, even the domain name is new. The new Coralife Products website does a great job of highlighting each of the company’s products and even has a product survey so you can share your experiences with their equipment. An “Owner’s Gallery” and a Coralife Blog are also seen on the site, with the blog being an outlet for Coralife to introduce new products and other updates. The photo gallery is currently full of several gorgeous pictures, though I don’t think they are user submitted. Each of the photo’s captions indicate the owner is Coralife, and they all appear to be from the same aquarium. Despite this, the corals look great and I know Coralife products are capable of maintaining a successful reef aquarium.

Hopefully, with the introduction of their new website, maybe we’ll see some new products.


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