Ecoxotic PAR38 Giveaway on 3reef Aquarium Forums


3reef Ecoxotic Giveaway

There’s another Ecoxotic LED giveaway, but this one is being hosted by our friends at the 3reef saltwater aquarium forums. The winner of the contest will receive a CREE-powered 455nm Royal Blue PAR38 LED lamp from Ecoxotic. The contest itself takes a unique approach. A suit of cards, as in 13 playing cards, will be hidden all throughout the December posts on the 3reef forums. As you browse the various topics on the site, you may come across one of these playing cards. If you do, simply click on the “Report Post” icon. Each card you report is worth points. Cards 2-10 are worth 5 points each, facecards are 10, and the elusive royal blue ace is worth 25. The first person to 100 points wins. However, if nobody gets to that point, the person closest to 100 will be selected on Christmas Eve.

In addition to the playing card giveaway, 3reef is giving away a second PAR38 lamp to the lucky person who clicks on the “right banner” on their website.


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