Inline Probe Holder Vessel by Precision Marine


Precision Marine Inline Probe Holder Vessel

Precision Marine‘s onslaught of new aquarium equipment continues, this time with something actually quite unique. The newest product from PM is an inline probe holder vessel which, as its name suggests, holds aquarium probes for your controllers and meters. Unlike the typical probe holder though, this acrylic box is sealed and has a pair of fittings so you can plumb the vessel into your setup. Water will flow through the chamber, filling it to the top, keeping the tips of the probes submerged at all times. The flow through probe holder also features four compression fittings, allowing you to install multiple probes if your controller has the capabilities. If you don’t have enough probes to fill all of the available spots, no worries, as the supplied fittings will cap those until they are needed. There is currently no pricing information, dimensions, or availability, but we’ll keep our eyes peeled for any additional information.


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