More Diving Pictures from the Marshall Islands


Wild Anemone on Pacific Reef
Our AquaNerd contact in the Pacific is back at it, this time he’s donned the SCUBA gear. Chuck recently went diving in the Marshall Islands and has blessed us with a ton of photos, which can be seen below. Most of these photos were taken at a depth of 40 feet or less. This is simply due to the fact that coral coloration gets washed out tremendously as you get deeper. Additionally, the reef these pictures were taken from isn’t the best dive site, though the images would certainly convince me it’s a great site. Some of the pictures may seem to be upside down, and they are. I didn’t want to change them simply because I wanted readers to see how Chuck saw them.

Below you can see pictures of sharks, large Acropora colonies, wild anemones, and lots of different fish.

Thanks again Chuck for sharing such great images with us.


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