One Man’s Pest is Another Man’s Treasure


Green Majano Anemone in Reef Tank
I was recently visiting a fish store and I came across a reef tank with several gorgeous, green Majano anemones. These anemones are considered a pest to many aquarium hobbyists because they multiply rapidly, sting other corals, and are very difficult to remove once they have taken hold. Despite their aggressive nature, Majanos are actually desired by many aquarium keepers. They can be quite attractive, as seen in the picture above, and many of these anemones develop bulb tips or have multiple colored tentacles.

Majano anemones stay small, not getting more than an inch or so across. They can move about the aquarium like most other anemones and may wander too close to corals. If you have these anemones, or another pest anemone like Aiptasia, and need to remove them, use lemon juice or Kalkwasser paste to kill them.


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