Picture of the Week 12/20 – 12/26


Wild Coral Colonies in the Pacific
This week’s AquaNerd POTW entry is of a wild tabling Acropora colony taken by our friend Chuck, who is currently living in Kwajalein in the Marshall Islands. Chuck recently sent us back tons of pictures he took while taking SCUBA diving classes, which we will post more of later today. In this picture, not only can you see the vibrant green tabling Acropora, but you can also see quite a few other types of corals. Various LPS corals are scattered around, including a nice sized trumpet coral colony, which appears to have a yellow sponge growing off of it. A fungia coral, or at least something similar can also be seen hiding among the rocks and other corals.

The picture above was taken in shallow waters, as in less than 40 feet deep. Pictures taken in deeper waters require a powerful flash, as coral coloration quickly gets washed out the deeper you go.


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