Precision Marine’s New RFCa640 Calcium Reactor


Precision Marine RFCa640 Calcium Reactor

Precision Marine is finishing out the year strong, adding a few more products to their already well-rounded lineup. Their newest release is the RFCa640 reverse flow calcium reactor. In the past, PM used Eheim pumps for their reactors, more specifically the 1048 and 1250 models. This new reactor, however, will feature a Sicce Syncra 3.5 recirculating pump. This model Sicce puts out over 630 gallons per hour, leading me to believe this PM calcium reactor is designed for the big boys. The RFCa6 reactor, for example, is rated for aquariums up to 400-gallons. Its pump, the Eheim 1250, only pushes 317 gph. Connecting the dots a little, I would assume the RFCa640 would be rated for tanks well over 500-gallons, potentially even more.

Pricing, availability and tank ratings haven’t been released for the RFCa640 yet, but they are already being added to PM’s website and the info will be available shortly. Plus, it would appear there is larger model of the RFCa series in the works as well. But again, details have yet to be seen at this point.

Precision Marine RFCa640 Calcium Reactor


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