SeaSlug PhosBalls, Another Bio Pellet with Unique Name


SeaSlug PhosBalls

SeaSlug is releasing their own version of the increasingly popular Bio Pellets, called the PhosBalls. These naturally produced pellets will act similarly to all of the others, in that they will reduce nitrates and phosphates in your aquarium. They are made of biologically degradable polymers that provide loads of surface area for bacteria and serve as a solid carbon source for corals and other animals in your aquarium.

The PhosBalls, like other pelletized media, will work best in a fluidized media reactor. SeaSlug claims that these pellets won’t cause your water to become cloudy and will allow your skimmer to work without any problems.

Below are some coral images from SeaSlug. These corals are apparently in a reef tank that uses PhosBalls. Continue reading after the pictures for some official product info from SeaSlug.

Corals From SeaSlugCorals From SeaSlug

Below is some official product information from SeaSlug:

SeaSlug Phosballs
PhosBalls – Nitrate-Phosphate Bio-reducer

are produced naturally and consist of blend of biologically degradable polymers. They provide perfect surface area as well as solid carbon source for corals,sponges,filter feeders and microfauna. Pellets constitute a highly effective filter used to control Nitrates and Phosphates concentration. Phosballs stimulates the growth aerobic and anaerobic bacteria populations in aquaria and allow to keep low levels of organic nutrients in the water.
Phosballs are perfect solution for “difficult” reef tank – like with non-photo corals and SPS mostly tanks – with often and strong feeding.

Product guidelines

Phosballs are best used within a fluidized reactor with enough flow to keep the top layer of pellets tumbling forcefully. Start with a abaout half of the total volume of pellets you want to run and work your way u ti the full volume over weeks or so.

The average amount of pellets to aim at is: – for low level nutrient aquarium(below 0,1ppm PO4) – 50ml PhosBalls per every 100 liter aquarium water
– for high level nutrient aquarium(above 0,1ppm PO4) – 100ml PhosBalls per every 100 liter aquarium water

More or less can be used depending on your unique bio load and inhabitants.
PhosBalls shuld be topped up as the pellets dissolve, this usually takes anywhere from 6-12 months depending on your bio-load.

Please remember to feed regularly your inhabitants – its very important to feed corals and other invertebrates regularly while using PhosBalls and nutrience level is very low.
Our product will not cloud water in your aquarium, sjimmer will be work WITHOUT any problems.
Your corals will looks perfect – like in our display tank.


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