Stuart Bertram’s Massive and Diverse Reef Aquarium


Here is a video of the stunning reef aquarium from Stuart Bertram of D-D The Aquarium Solution. This huge aquarium is full of mature SPS colonies, lots of different (and very healthy looking) fish, and loads of diversity. Anthias and Chromis can be seen shoaling, anemones are hosting clowns, and massive Acropora and Montipora colonies shoot off of every rock…the tank is a living piece of art.

The aquarium itself was built by Deltec in Germany. It measures 86″ long, 59″ front to back, and about 29.5″ tall.  The total system volume is roughly 660 gallons. Lighting is provided by several Giesemann metal halides and T5HO combo fixtures, and other details are actually quite lacking, despite the aquarium be a few years old.


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