Gorgeous Clams and Corals in HD


I just thought I’d share a video to break up the monotony of your work day. The clip above is from a local aquarium hobbyist and frequent AquaNerd reader, “soymilk”. A pair of Tridacnid clams, T. squamosa and T. derasa, can be seen responding to something moving above by retracting their mantels into their shells. Several corals are moving in the water flow, including a frogspawn, torch coral, and an Acan that was featured in a previous video.

To be honest, I am a huge clam fanboy. Everything about them fascinates me. I’ve owned all but a few species of Tridacnids, and each one of them was amazing in their own way. They react to shadows and movement, which catches most non-clam owners off guard. It’s always fun to see their reaction (the reaction of the people that is), and it always gets me talking about why they are so appealing to me. My very first blog article was on clams, and I will continue to stuff my aquariums full of them.


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