Marine Depot’s Facebook Fan Giveaway


Facebook Like It Giveaway Marine Depot

Marine Depot, one of the largest online vendors of aquarium products, announced today that they are hosting a very generous giveaway. All you have to do is visit their Facebook page and click “Like It”. Even if you “liked” the Marine Depot page prior to the announcement of this contest, you are still entered. Four winners will be randomly selected once a week starting January 21st. The contest will come to a close on February 11th with the announcement of the grand prize.

List of prizes and when they will be announced:

  • January 21: CoralVue 250 Watt Electronic Metal Halide Ballast
  • January 28: Reefkeeper Lite Kit (Digital Aquatics ReefKeeper Lite + SL1 Expansion Unit + pH Probe)
  • February 4: EcoTech Marine MP40 Vortech Propeller Pump and Wireless EcoSMART Driver
  • February 11: Any JBJ aquarium Marine Depot carries

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