New Mini Series Aquariums from CAD Lights


CAD Lights Mini Series Nano Aquariums

CAD Lights is adding to their lineup with a new series of nano and pico aquariums. Appropriately called the Mini Series, these new rimless tanks come with a beefy LED light fixture that can flip up if the hobbyist needs to get into the tank to perform maintenance, rearrange some live rock, or whatever. The all-in-one nanos also come with built-in filtration and a removable glass top. A Euro-style cabinet is also available as an added option.

The CAD Lights Mini Series will come in three flavors, 4-gallons, 8-gallons, and 20-gallons. The prices for these aquariums are $125, $175, and $320 respectively. The Mini Series won’t be available until mid-February and details about the built-in filtration has yet to be released.

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