The New Aquarium Has Finally Been Ordered


After about a year and a half of being aquarium-less (I’m not counting the frag tank), I have finally gotten the ball rolling on the new setup. This new aquarium is custom built by Acrylic and Glass Exhibits (AGE) and is a rimless 90-gallon tank measuring 36″x24″x24″. The aquarium also features three sides of Starphire glass, black silicone, an internal overflow box centrally mounted on the back wall, and AGE’s signature PVC bottom. The PVC bottom of the aquarium is a nice feature as it is very easy to drill later on if you want want to add to your plumbing system.

Until the aquarium actually gets here, I’m undecided on most of the equipment. I will piece things together a little at a time and do my best to document the build here, on the AquaNerd forums, and the other forums that I frequent.


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