The New Current USA TrueLumen LED Strips


Current USA TrueLumen LED Strips

Current USA is ramping up their LED game with their new TrueLumen LED strips. The strips are available in three different color combos, 12,000k Daylight, 453nm Actinic, or a 12,000k/Actinic combination. The 10″ long strips are completely water resistant according to Current USA and apparently flexible. They don’t say just how flexible the strips are, but I guess there has to be some sort of “bendability” in them. On only 5mm thick, the TrueLumen LED strips can be retrofitted into just about any nano aquarium stock light, or even in light fixtures and canopies over much larger aquariums. Up to 3 strips can be connected to one transformer by using a 3-way splitter, both of which are sold separately. Pricing and availability have yet to be announced, but we’ll update when we find out.

Keep reading below for more pictures and product information.

Current USA TrueLumen LED Strip 453nm
Current USA TrueLumen LED Strip 12000K and 453nm Combo
Current USA TrueLumen LED Strip 12000K

A few benefits described by Current USA:

  • Adds the shimmering effect and enhances color
  • Thin, low profile design, only 5mm thick
  • Link up to 3 LED strips off one transformer using the optional 3-way splitter
  • Promotes strong and healthy coral, invertebrate and plant growth
  • Efficient high power LED chips last up to 50,000 hours

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