The New Skimz Ibox Nano Aquarium


Skimz Ibox Nano

Aqua-Digital, a North American distributor of Skimz aquarium equipment, has recently released some photos and information on the new Skimz Ibox nano aquarium. This sleek looking nano has a volume of only 9L (or roughly 2.5 gallons), but it certainly packs a punch with all of its features. The Ibox measures approximately 7″W x 8.8″D x 9.8″H, making it perfect for your work desktop or a home counter top. This feature-packed nano is illuminated by a 21 LED light fixture, complete with moonlights, and has a fully integrated filtration system. The filtration is composed of a Hydor Pico circulation pump, weir overflow box, air stone driven protein skimmer, and filter pads.

The Skimz Ibox won’t be available until late February, and will have a price tag of about $100. Additionally, Aqua-Digital is giving an Ibox away. The details on the competition are virtually non-existent, but they will most likely be revealed closer to the nano’s release date.

More photos below…


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