Tip of the Day – 1/21/2011


Even though you may be in love with the protein skimmer, water pumps, or lighting scheme currently operating on your aquarium, it might be a good idea to mix things up every couple of years. I’m not suggesting that anyone jump on every new fad that surfaces on aquarium forums, but newer technology emerges that can actually be of great benefit to your tank. For example, when every reef keeper thought metal halides were the only way to keep SPS alive and thriving, T5HO came along and shattered those beliefs. And just when T5HO were gaining more and more popularity, LEDs emerged on the scene to steal the show. Despite all the benefits of newer technology, some hobbyists still stay stuck in the past, afraid of changing things up because they fear what may happen.


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  • True, the most important reason we don't all jump to the new product on the market is the cost of things. After investing LOTS in that shiny new light, it will still grow corals, plants even after a couple of years, even though the market trends will consider them obsolete.

    Eugen http://www.aquaticinspiration.info