ATI’s Intelligent PowerCone Seen on Video


A short time back we discussed the new features coming to the intelligent PowerCone from ATI Aquaristik. Since then, ATI has released a video showing the updated PowerCone in action. Although quite short and not very revealing, the clip does show the pump controller changing the water flow and air input being injected into the skimmer. As you may recall from our earlier post, the skimmer has been fitted with a controllable pump that is adjustable from 150-3000 lph. It can be adjusted manually, via PC connection, and eventually the Internet. Not only can the pump be controlled, it has the ability to turn itself off if it encounters an issue such as a blockage. Additionally, once the blockage has been removed, the pump will automatically restart.

Keep reading below for more details on the skimmer and it’s newest features.

Additional features of the controllable pump:

  • Integrated Soft Start
  • With the soft boot, rotor startup issues are a thing of the past. With the soft start, the rotor is also protected.

  • Monitoring Function
  • During normal pump operations, if the pump experiences air blockage the pump will shut off. The pump will restart when the issue has been resolved, and it operates independently of the “Soft Start” feature.

  • Adjustable Pump Output
  • The pump output can be adjusted from 50-110%. With this feature, aquarium hobbyists can adapt the PowerCone to the needs of the aquarium and whatever changes may occur.

  • Integrated Air Flow Meter
  • The last major feature of the new intelligent PowerCones is the integration of a digital air flow sensor. This digital sensor has almost no air resistance and allows users to monitor the performance of the skimmer.


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