Awesome Gorgonians Feeding in HD


This is the first, of hopefully many, articles from our newest AquaNerd author, Trung Tran. Trung is a local hobbyist, so I’ve been following his Elos tank build and getting the privilege to watch many of the stunning aquarium videos he has shot, including the one below. Stay tuned for more from Trung, including plenty of equipment reviews that he has performed.

This video beautifully demonstrates the elegance of Gorgonians (also known as Sea Fans, Sea Whips, and Sea Plumes).  The majority of the gorgs featured in the video are NPS (non-photosynthetic), meaning they do not use light as a means to sustain life.  Instead, they capture microfauna and plankton and consume them for energy.

In the video, various different Gorgs are fed a mixture of Reef Chili and several Fauna Marin products. I’m a big fan of coral feeding videos, and this one really did leave me speechless.  I was really taken back by the detail of each individual polyp while they dined on prepared foods.  Within the last 5 years, reefers have really made great strides in sustaining and propagating NPS corals in home aquaria.

Our thanks to “myjohnson” for allowing us to showcase a few choice corals from his tank.


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