CPR Aquatic First AID Acclimation Device


CPR Aquatic First AID Base

CPR Aquatic has updated their product line to include the all new First AID livestock acclimation and isolation device. The kit, which comes in two models, has a dual option mounting bracket that allows it to be easily attached to the side of traditional aquariums or even euro-braced tanks. A small section of eggcrate is included, and fits right into the bottom of the acclimation device. This allows corals to remain upright while the acclimation process is taking place, but can also be removed if the device is holding fish. The two models currently available are a base model, which includes everything but the water pump, and a deluxe model. Both will measure 7 1/8″ W x 3 1/2″ D x 9″ H.

More product features and images listed below.

CPR Aquatic First AID Deluxe

The nicest feature of the CPR Aquatic First AID is its multiple applications. When you’re not using the First AID to acclimate livestock, it can be used as a liquid supplement dosing system or a coral dipping station. This would be especially nice if you have unruly fish or pest-ridden corals.

Included parts:

  • First A.I.D. case
  • Attachment bracket (Vertical & Euro-brace rims)
  • Tinted body and lid
  • Egg crate coral frag racks
  • Circulation pump for isolation tank use (Deluxe models only)

CPR Aquatic First AID Mounting Brackets


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