Current USA TrueLumen Pro Spied on Video


Current USA has released some footage of a new LED light strip, the TrueLumen Pro. Beyond the video above, we haven’t been able to dig up anything else on these lights. Current USA’s website doesn’t have any information, nor do any online retailers, which is quite surprising considering the release of the video. Despite the lack of details, we can say a few things from viewing the video. The TrueLumen Pro strips apparently come in white and blue configurations, at the very least. This is apparent when we get to see the diodes present on the underside of the lights. What we aren’t sure of, however, is whether or not the strips will come with both blue and white LEDs mixed together on the same strip, though I assume there will be a combo strip if there isn’t one already. What also can’t be determined is the color of the lights shown above. Sure one is white and one is blue, but what kind of white are we talking about? Is it the almost standard 6500K? And the blue…what is the wavelength of the blue? Also, is a pure actinic light going to be offered? Too many unanswered questions for sure.

Taking a step away from the actual LEDs, we notice the TrueLumen Pro strips sit awfully close to the water’s surface. This may be fine for low water flow freshwater tanks, but in high flow reef tanks the salt will accumulate on the lights and either cause a lack of light being emitted or corrosion of the fixture. We also notice from the video that the strips seem to be of a fixed length, with no adjustable legs. Obviously we cannot be sure of this until we get more details, but I didn’t see anything to indicate adjustability of length. I assume the strips will come in the standard sizes of 24″, 36″, 48″ and so on. As for the power supply, each strip does have at least one power cord. They strips are probably not linkable, as most strips of any significant length usually aren’t, so the end user will probably need to plug each one of them in separately. But this doesn’t have too much of a downside. With this configuration, each light could be set to a different time to power on, giving the user plenty of dawn-to-dusk lighting changes.

We’ll leave it there for now, as most of the information above is purely speculative at this point. When details eventually emerge though, we’ll be sure to report them.


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