Ecoxotic Flexes Their LED Muscles at the Sea Life Aquarium


Ecoxotic recently went on a metal halide replacing rampage at the Sea Life Aquarium in Carlsbad, California. This facility features a 290,000-gallon main exhibit that is 18-feet deep and has a walk-through tunnel. Before the crew at Ecoxotic arrived, this massive tank was lit by a plethora of metal halides. In fact, Sea Life was using an astonishing six 400-watt metal halides and fourteen 250-watt halides! The total energy usage of the halide lighting system was around 6,700 watts, adding up to a $5500 annual electric bill.

To help combat the electric usage, Sea Life ditched all of the metal halides and replaced them with 8 of the 50watt 12000K Photon Cannon LED pendants. The resulting change in lighting not only knocked the electricity usage down to 480watts total (saving over $5000 on their electric bill annually), but it also brightened the entire exhibit. The tank is no longer dim, but vibrant and full of color. Now you can actually see all of the livestock and get an appreciation for the interactions between all of the different fish and sharks. There’s really nothing more I can say except to see the results for yourself. It is literally a night and day difference.


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