Hanna Instruments’ New Overstock Site


Hanno Overstock Website

Hanna Instruments, the makers of the popular Checker hand held meters and loads more testing equipment, has recently opened up a new Hanna Overstock website. The site is open to the public and serves as a place where hobbyists can get brand new Hanna Instruments equipment for nicely discounted prices. Hanna, in the process, gets to unload overstock items. But before you run off to their new site expecting to see the very popular aquarium-related testing devices like the phosphate and alkalinity meters, keep in mind that these items are overstock only. That is, these are the testing devices that appear to be higher grade (read more expensive) equipment that isn’t exactly geared toward the hobby. Instead, the equipment measures parameters not commonly looked at in our aquariums, but are nonetheless important. Additionally, most of the testing equipment is bench-top and not hand held.


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