New LED Products from Cadlights


CAD Lights LED Fixture

CAD Lights just revamped their whole 2011 lighting system, featuring a completely new LED line up. Not much information is out on these fixtures yet, but it appears that they have a lot more features when compared to their previous models. These new fixtures have an on-board timer, the ability to dim two different channels, and interestingly a remote control to adjust the dimming. These fixtures come in 24″, 36″, and 48″ models, using what looks like 3/4 watt LEDs with individual reflectors.

CAD Lights LED Fixture

CAD Lights is also jumping on the PAR38 bandwagon. Sadly, there is currently only one color option being offered, something along the lines of a 20k bulb.  These PAR38 fixtures feature 1w LEDs with 40 degree optics. The ratio of white to blue LEDs is 1:2, with a LUX rating of approximately 35000, according to CAD Lights. This PAR38 will set you back about $90.


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