Shining More Light on the Current USA TrueLumen Pro


Only a couple of days ago, we showed you a video on the new Current USA TrueLumen Pro LED strips. Other than that video, and the one above, there was almost zero information on these LED strips. However, this latest video gives us a few more details, not only in the clip, but also in the attached information from Current USA. For instance, we now see how these lights mount. Besides just sitting atop the aquarium, the lights can easily bolt on to an existing light fixture or into a canopy. This is a feature that is to be expected, but the previous video didn’t show anything to indicate its ability to be mounted this way.

The other feature that stands out in this clip, and confirmed by Current USA, is the strip’s linkability. In our previous article, I stated that the light probably wouldn’t be linkable considering its size. However, toward the end of the video you can see two power cords on each end of the strip. As for sizes and colors, these strips are water resistant and will be available in 12″, 24″, 36″ & 48″ lengths. The TrueLumen Pro will come in 12000K white, 453nm actinic blue, a combo strip with 12K white and 453nm blue, and 8000K white.


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