The Aiptasia Zapper…Using Electricity to Kill Aquarium Pests


SWC Aiptasia Zapper

After reading Trung’s article on the new SWC Media Reactors, I began researching for more of their new products, and much to my surprise I came across this nifty Aiptasia-simmering device. For as long as saltwater aquariums have been in existence, hobbyists have had to battle the pain-in-the-butt Aiptasia anemone. This hitch hiking pest has ruined many good reef aquariums. They pop up a few at a time, slowly getting a foothold in your well-balanced reef tank. They go unnoticed for months, then all of the sudden they are everywhere. We, as hobbyists, spend countless house scraping the terrible pest anemones off of rocks and frags, as well as injecting them with various concoctions of lemon juice, Kalkwasser, or just straight up hot water. Well, to answer the prayers of all the sadistic hobbyists who have a score to settle, Saltwater Connection (typically found as SWC) has released the Aiptasia Zapper. Now you can deliver the sweet release of death to just about anything in our aquarium, though this device is marketed toward the pest anemones.

Aiptasia Zapper

At only $80, the Zapper is reasonably priced for the curious and terror-inducing alike. It features a long handle (to keep you from shocking yourself), as well as a sharp metal point to jab into the anemone in your sight. Simply plug it in, and you’ll be performing anemone execution Texas-style in no time.

Stay tuned for videos of the Zapper, which will be released in a day or so.


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