Zoanthids Opening on Time Lapse Video


Here’s a little eye candy to end your Tuesday. In the video above is a colony of Zoanthids opening up right after the aquarium lights turned on. The video is a time lapse of course, as it takes several minutes for Zoas to open, but it has been sped up significantly to show the corals blossoming. Zoas usually close at night or when the aquarium lights are off, and will also shut when something disturbs them.

Zoanthids, in general, are very hardy corals. They can tolerate the inexperience of new reef keepers, but still manage to thrive. They do not require intense lighting or water flow, but those certainly help the corals grow more quickly (assuming neither is too much). Their ease of care and bright colors make these corals attractive to beginner and seasoned aquarium enthusiast alike, and from the video above it’s easy to see why.


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