And You Thought the Magnet on Your Tunze Stream Was Strong


Tunze Masterstream Magnet Mounts
The magnets on the Tunze Stream and Nanostream pumps are very strong. In fact, they are designed to be that way to be applicable to a huge variety of aquariums, especially now that custom tanks are all the rage. Even small aquariums are getting the thick glass treatment these days, and the pump manufacturers have had to adapt. Because of this, larger magnet mounts are being used on water pumps, which I absolutely love, but they can sometimes present a problem to aquarium keepers who like to change things on the occasion. The magnets do a terrific job of holding fast, but do not lend themselves to being easily moved around the tank, especially if you are having to lean over or position yourself awkwardly.

Keeping this in mind, take a look at the massive tri-magnet mount that Tunze uses on their Masterstream pumps (see above). Imagine how hard that would be to move. When I first saw this picture, I thought I was looking at the plumbing for a closed loop system. Boy was I wrong. What you do see is three huge magnets connected together with 1.5″ PVC pipes. The magnet and pipe assembly comes apart so that the Masterstream pump slides onto the pipes above and below the “T” fitting.

The price for this magnet assembly is around $250 and unfortunately it is only designed for the 6508 Masterstream, which is the smallest offered. The tri-magnet mount can hold the 6508 to aquariums with a thickness of 80mm, or about 1.2″.


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